Ethics Commission

Updated 07/27/2021

The PortosRio Ethics Commission was created in 2005, in compliance with Decree no. 1,171, of 06/22/1994, which over time has been improved and regulated, culminating with Decree no. 6029, of 02/01/2007 and Resolution no. 10, of 09/29/2008, with the mission of ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct of the High Federal Administration (CCAAF) of 08/21/2000, being responsible for ethics management in CDRJ.
The CET-CDRJ's competencies are:
 I.  Act as an advisory body to CDRJ's directors and employees;
II. Enforce the Code of Professional Ethics of the Civil Servant of the Federal Executive Branch, having to:
  • Submitting to CEP proposals for its improvement;
  • Settling doubts regarding the interpretation of its rules and deliberating on omitted cases;
  • Investigate, upon complaint or ex-officio, conduct in disagreement with the pertinent ethical standards;  
  • Promote actions for dissemination, qualification, and training on the standards of ethics and discipline;

III.  Represent CDRJ in the Ethics Network of the Federal Executive Branch;
IV.  Supervising the observance of the CCAAF and communicating to CEP situations that may constitute non-compliance with its rules.


Comissão de Ética da CDRJ
Rua Dom Gerardo, 35 – 10º andar – Centro
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Phone (21) 2219-8625