Docas do Rio acquires radars to monitor waterway traffic at ports

In order to implement a Local Port Service (LPS) in the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói by the end of the first half of 2022, Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ) purchased some of the equipment needed to carry out the project. After conventional and thermal optical cameras, the Port Authority's most recent acquisition was three Kelvin Hughes brand Sharp Eye radars, which arrived at the Port of Rio de Janeiro in October and were formally nationalized on November 29th.

The manager of VTMIS (English acronym for Vessel Traffic Management and Information System) at Docas do Rio, Marcelo Villas-Bôas, explained that “these radars, in addition to those already installed at the Navy Technological Center in Rio de Janeiro (CTMRJ). ), will make up the VTMIS Radar Subsystem for the Ports of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói”. Villas-Bôas informed that the Brazilian Navy (MB) radar will be part of the LPS, which will be phase 1 of the VTMIS project, and the other three, recently acquired by Docas do Rio, will be used in phase 2 of the VTMIS project, which will involve the implementation of a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) in these ports.

Also according to the VTMIS manager, the integration of new equipment from Rio Docks with those from MB, already existing in Military Organizations, is the result of an agreement established in 2019 between the Port and Maritime Authorities, with a view to monitoring waterway traffic at Guanabara Bay: “This partnership will make access to modern technological tools for managing waterway infrastructure viable, with a direct impact on the security and operation of the ports”. The implementation of VTMIS aims to improve navigation safety, safeguard human life at sea, increase the efficiency of maritime traffic, help prevent marine pollution, in addition to complying with international maritime standards.